Georgia Flu Surveillance Update Week 5 – 2024

Georgia Flu Surveillance Update: Week 5 (Ending January 27, 2024)

As of Week 5, Georgia flu activity was High=10 (on the scale of 1-13). Activity levels are based on the percent of outpatient visits in Georgia due to Influenza-like illness during this timeframe.

For the corresponding week, the percentage of outpatient visits for Influenza-like Illness was 6.3% (which is above the regional baseline of 3.3%), the number of influenza-associated death was 0 (29 total for the current ILI season); the number of Metro Area Influenza Hospitalizations was 129 (3,518 total for current Flu season); and the number of Influenza Outbreaks was 24 (148 total for current Flu season).

Map shows Influenza-like cases in US southern region. Georgia activity indicator is at level 10 (High) on week 4 as shown in red color.
For week 5, the graph shows slight increase of ILI cases for age group 00-04, decrease for age groups 05-24, 25-49, 50-64 and age group 65+ remained stable compared to the previous week.

Getting the flu shot is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others.
District 2 health departments have flu vaccines available. Please contact your local health department for information on how to get your Flu vaccine at

To learn more about how to protect yourself against flu, visit DPH website at and CDC website at

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