Emergency Preparedness

District 2 Public Health
Emergency Preparedness
1280 Athens Street
Gainesville, GA 30507
Office: 770-535-5743
Fax: 770-535-5958

Be Aware. Be Prepared. Take Action.

A Guide for Alerts and Warnings

FEMA 2021 Guide to Prepare Before a Disaster Happens

Emergency Preparedness Director

Mark Palen
Office:  770-531-4505

PIO/Risk Communications Coordinator

Natasha Young
Office:  770-531-5679

Emergency Preparedness Specialist

Greg Kelsoe
Office:  770-531-5679

Emergency Preparedness Training & Exercise Coordinator

Katie Jenkins
Office:  770-535-5883

Health Care Community Liaison

Donna Sue Campbell
Office:  770-535-6989

The Emergency Preparedness section is responsible for leading public health in planning, training and conducting exercises for emergencies, accidents, and terrorism events that may impact residents. Preparedness is an extension of the mission of public health and addresses many of the same problems but, at times may deal with extraordinary circumstances.

Incidents that public health may respond to include threats caused by bioterrorism, chemical releases, emerging disease outbreaks, severe weather, or some other emergency. This is why it is important to have plans in place and to test those plans periodically.

Public health has very defined roles in emergency response. We will work with other agencies in policy decisions and actions, provide disease surveillance, provide information about the event to the media and the public, communicate with other health care providers and state laboratory, and provide preventive medicines if needed.