Environmental Health

Tourist Accommodations

The mission of the tourist accommodation program is to minimize illnesses and injuries associated with unsanitary or hazardous conditions through regulation and inspection of Georgia’s tourist accommodations. Environmentalists review plans and issue permits for the construction or renovation of hotels, motels, and bed& breakfast inns. Environmental Health Specialists routinely inspect cleanliness of rooms, food service facilities, and general safety. They also investigate complaints of pest and public health risk factors.

The Rules and Regulations governing Georgia Tourist Accommodations, Chapter 511-6-2, may be found at:  http://dph.georgia.gov/hotels-motels-and-campgrounds

Questions pertaining to the Tourist Accommodation application process and associated fees should be directed to the local Environmental Health Office.  Office Contact Page for selection of appropriate county information.

For standard application forms or information on the following items, please visit the direct links below:
Plan Review Checklist
Plan Review Submission Instructions