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For the latest restaurant inspections (by county) visit the link:  Restaurant Inspections

The food service program helps ensure the public will eat in clean and safe food service establishments.  Under the state’s regulations, environmental health specialists review plans for new or renovated facilities and provide consultation in all areas of operation.  Routine risk based inspections of food service establishments are conducted to insure they are operated in a safe and sanitary manner.  The CDC has designated five broad categories of risk factors contributing to food-borne illness.  The risk factors include improper holding temperatures, inadequate cooking, food from unsafe sources, poor personal hygiene, and contaminated equipment.  The goal of conducting proper risk based inspections is for the Environmental Health Specialist to use a practical, risk-based approach to evaluate the establishment through assessment of active managerial control of food-borne illness risk factors.  The state’s regulations and related inspection activities are a critical component of preventing food-borne illness.

Training for food service personnel and managers are offered.  Please contact your local Environmental Health Office for more information on these courses or may visit the direct training sites below for course opportunities.

Accredited Certified Food Safety Manager Courses

The Rules and Regulations governing Georgia Food Service Establishments, Chapter 511-6-1, may be found at:  http://dph.georgia.gov/food-service-rules-and-documents

For information on the Food Serve Permit application process, please review the following checklist and contact your local Environmental Health Office to discuss local procedures and fees:

Food Service Checklist

Office Contact Page for selection of appropriate county information.

For educational materials or additional information pertaining to Food Service, please click on the direct links below or visit the State Environmental Health site at:  http://dph.georgia.gov/environmental-health

First Aid for Choking Poster
No Smoking Sign
Hand washing Poster
Hand washing Sign
Non-Profit Temporary Food Events – Safety Brochure
Contact your local Environmental Health Office for Non-Profit Temporary Food Service requirements, which may vary by county.
Educational Materials – Additional Languages Available