Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of health events in a human population.

The Epidemiology Department of District 2 is responsible for surveillance and investigations of notifiable diseases.  As required by GA Law 31-12-2, all Georgia physicians, laboratories and other health care providers should report patients with a notifiable disease to their County Health Department, or District Office. 

A list of all Georgia notifiable diseases can be obtained by clicking here. Notifiable Diseases Poster

Key activities of The Epidemiology Department include, but are not limited to:

  • Investigating reports of disease outbreaks within the community
  • Routine follow-up of communicable disease patients
  • Maintaining District 2 disease mortality statistics
  • Responding to disease statistics request from the private and public sector
  • Linkage of Health Department patients with specialized medical providers
  • Coordination with other Public Health sections such as Bioterrorism and Environmental Health.

Liaison Program

The public health liaison program is a new program implemented state wide in the past year. The program strives to increase the communication between local medical community and public health. The purpose of the liaison program is to improve the reporting of notifiable diseases, promote public health programs, and establish long lasting relationships. Outreach is provided to hospitals, laboratories, veterinarians, schools, nursing homes, and prisons, through visits, letters, and phone calls.

The liaison educates and reminds providers of the ways to report diseases to public health and assists with epidemiological investigations. Ways to report diseases to public Health include phone, mail, or internet.

Through visits, letters, and phone calls, the liaison keeps the lines of communication open with medical providers. When either providers or Public Health notices trends in diseases, or increases in certain symptoms, they communicate this to each other. If problems or questions arise with the private provider, the liaison directs the concern to the appropriate department in public health.

The liaison also works with the bioterrorism staff in planning and implementing the best way to protect the public’s health in event of natural or manmade disasters.

For questions on the Public Health Liaison Program, call 770-535-5743.