Employment / HR

John "Jay" Sessions
Sr. Human Resources Manager
Office: 770-535-5878

Maribel Sewell
HR Generalist
Office: 678-717-4907
Fax: 770-535-5899
Tonia Snow
HR Generalist
Office: 770-535-5871
Fax: 770-535-5899


PH RN 22020-09121ForsythContinuous
PH RN 2 2020-08922ForsythContinuous
PH RN 32020-08072HallContinuous
PH LPN 12020-09378DawsonContinuous
PH RN 2 or 32020-09553UnionContinuous
PH RN 22020-09031DawsonContinuous
PH RN 2 2020-08029HallContinuous
PH RN 22020-09122ForsythContinuous
District Women's Health Coordinator2020-09462District OfficeContinuous
Customer Service Rep 2020-09857Lumpkin01/20/2021
Towns County Nurse Manager2020-09866Towns01/20/2021
Hart County Nurse Manager2020-09865Hart01/20/2021
Hall County Nurse Manager2020-09869Hall01/20/2021
PT PRN RN OR LPN2021-09905HallContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09908StephensContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09907LumpkinContinuous
Customer Service Rep 2 or 3 2020-09832Hall01/20/2021
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09906RabunContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09904WhiteContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09903TownsContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09902HartContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09901ForsythContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09900HabershamContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09899DawsonContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09896BanksContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09909UnionContinuous
PT PRN RN or LPN 2021-09898FranklinContinuous


All applicants MUST apply at:  www.dph.georgia.gov

To be considered for employment at District 2 Public Health, applicants must complete an online application.  Applications can be found at www.dph.georgia.gov.  Click on “About DPH” then “Careers”.   Locate position then click “Apply” to begin your application.  Please make sure you have selected the specific job you are interested in and you have all required qualifications.  You will receive an email or telephone call if you are selected to participate in the interview process.

Please do not send hard copies of application materials to our office.  All information must be uploaded to the online system.

Thank you for your interest in District 2 Public Health.




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